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With close to twenty years of professional experience, we look forward to assisting with your legal needs, large and small. 

Your legacy is the cornerstone of our practice. 

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Areas of Practice

Business Counseling

Navigate the intricacies of business law with confidence alongside McCool Law Firm, serving clients in Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. We provide personalized legal guidance tailored to your company's needs. Whether you're establishing contracts, forming a business, resolving disputes, or require ongoing representation, we offer pragmatic solutions to safeguard your business interests. Contact McCool Law Firm today to discuss your business legacy.

Wills, Trusts, and Comprehensive Estate Planning

At McCool Law Firm, we recognize the significance of preserving your assets for future generations. Offering comprehensive estate planning, from drafting a simple will to establishing a trust or comprehensive estate plan, McCool Law Firm provides personalized legal guidance to protect assets and uphold your wishes; your legacy will receive the attention and care it deserves. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin safeguarding your family's future.

Farm & Ranch

Your farm or ranch isn't just land, it's a testament to generations of hard work and dedication. McCool Law Firm is your trusted partner, serving Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. Whether you're considering succession matters, land use issues, business counseling, water rights, or estate planning, we offer comprehensive legal solutions to safeguard your family's heritage and ensure a seamless transition of assets. Contact us today for a consultation.

Real Estate

Your real estate is an integral part of the future. At McCool Law Firm, our comprehensive legal support is tailored to protect and nurture your interests. Whether navigating property transactions, resolving boundary disputes, or ensuring proper documentation, we are here to safeguard your real estate assets with care and expertise. Let us assist in securing a seamless transition of ownership and ensuring the preservation of your property's legacy. Contact McCool Law Firm today for personalized legal solutions that honor your investment's importance.

Oil, Gas & Minerals

At McCool Law Firm, we understand the significance of legacy in the energy sector. With extensive knowledge in oil, gas, and minerals, we're dedicated to safeguarding your interests for generations to come. Whether negotiating complex contracts, managing lease negotiations, addressing mineral transfers and disputes, or planning for the future of your resource assets, we provide tailored legal solutions to fit your needs. Trust McCool Law Firm to protect your interests in the energy industry. Contact us today to learn how we can assist with confidence.

Trust, Estate, & Probate Administration

We understand the importance of preserving your assets and honoring the legacy of future generations. With caring expertise in estate administration and probate, McCool Law Firm offers comprehensive legal guidance to navigate the complexities of trust administration, large and small estate administration, and probate proceedings. We are here to provide practical solutions to safeguard your interests during difficult times. Contact McCool Law Firm today to secure your family's future with confidence and clarity.

Business Formation

McCool Law Firm is committed to empowering your success, offering tailored legal guidance to address the unique needs of your company, from navigating the complexities of business formation to providing ongoing representation, we provide practical solutions to protect your business interests. Contact McCool Law Firm today to explore how we can help you craft your next deal.

Commercial Agreements

Build your business legacy with McCool Law Firm's experienced commercial contract drafting services. We offer practical solutions to protect your business interests through guiding negotiations, drafting contracts, resolving disputes, and providing ongoing representation. Contact McCool Law Firm today to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals with confidence and clarity.

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Billy Wade McCool

Founder & Attorney
Billy Wade loves his practice and takes pride in building strong relationships with his clients. With close to twenty years of experience in the corporate oil and gas industry and private practice, he has developed a deep understanding of the legal issues tied to oil and gas development, but, more broadly, practical experience dealing with large and small scale business transactions, including underlying skill in drafting commercial contracts and complex agreements. With experience strongly tied to property, general business and land transactions, his practice includes real estate, commercial transactions, business entities, contracts, estate planning and administration, and other related areas. With direct beef industry experience, he brings a unique set of skills the rancher and large landowner, truly having lived his area of expertise. Billy Wade relies heavily on his business background to create value-oriented solutions for clients in all his areas of practice.

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